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Find here a list of links for yachts and builders of yachts, whether you are looking to buy or charter a yacht, or perhaps join a sailing club or association around Great Britain, Ireland and the World, we cover all areas of business such as yacht and Dinghy manufacturer, marine insurance brokers, yachts and yachting insurance and yacht and motor yacht charter.

If you already own a yacht perhaps you're looking for boat repairs, yacht repairs, GRP repair or osmosis treatment. You can also find here marine internet and marine communication suppliers. If you're having issues with navigation software, gps maps, or marine software we provide links for suppliers of raymarine, lowrance, garmin. Everything you need for your boats and yachts should be found here from among the best of the world yacht builders and the world yachting community.

Global Yacht Charter

Please find here many links to yacht charter companies around the world

Global Yacht Repair

Need to find yacht and boat repairs urgently, heres a list of yacht repair facilities around the world.

Global Sailing Clubs

Do you need to find a Sailing Club around the Globe. Wait no longer, please check out our new Global Sailing Clubs page. We list links to multiple Sailing and Yachting Clubs around the world, always trying to keep the world yachting community connected.

Yacht Charter

At we aim to provide you with links to everything you need for your motor boats, yachts and yachting, all requirements should be found here, the very best of world yacht builders and the cream of the world yacht community.

Sailing Associations

Through out the world there are many different Sailing and Yacht associations, please find here a collection of various associations related to sailing yachts and motor yachts.

Whatever your interest in Sailing and Yachts we hope we can find it here.

Sailing Clubs and Sailing Schools -

Have you ever thought of learning to sail a yacht or dinghy? Ever dreamed of cruising in your powerboat or motor yacht, maybe a superyacht is more your style.

Whatever your choice of vessel please find here links to RYA Yachting courses, practical and theory. Find here sailing courses and sailing schools specialising in Yacht and Dinghy sailing, Motor boat or Powerboat courses.

Find below various links for sailing schools and sailing courses.

Perhaps you own a yacht or boat already and are looking for a new or local sailing club ? Please find here links to many Sailing Clubs around the UK and Ireland.

Yacht Manufacturers and Dinghy Manufacturers

Find here links for yacht and boat builders from around the UK, Europe and elsewhere, whatever your interest in yachts and yachting, you can find the very best of the world yacht community here

Marine Insurance and Registration

Perhaps all you need now is marine insurance brokers who can offer quality yachts and yachting insurance, independent marine insurance, commercial marine insurance, and insurance underwriters who specialise in boat and motor boat insurance.


If you already own a yacht perhaps you're looking for boat repairs or yacht repairs. Maybe more skilled work is required such as GRP repair or traditional yacht woodwork, osmosis treatment, yacht systems, Mast Maintenance, Chandlery Store, boat cleaning, boat reapairs and yacht rigging.

Marine Communication

Also find here marine internet and marine communication suppliers, for such equipment as satellite telephones, vhf radio, marine internet with high-end broadband for maritime needs.

Marine Navigation

Thinking of upgrading your navigation software, we provide links for many top suppliers and manufacturers of the most modern gps maps and marine software, find links for suppliers of raymarine, lowrance, garmin and other software marine providers with new marine software.

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